Trader Jacques La Fondue


We conducted an informal survey of fondue lovers, probing with deep, critical questions about the nature of their passion.  One question of great import centered on the time and tools required, or, in layman's terms, who has time and can't it be done without yet another piece of kitchen equipment?  The simple answer:  yes.

Trader Jacques La Fondue comes to us from the French Alps, where Gruyere, Emmental and Comté cheeses are crafted from the milk of cows grazed on lush alpine grasses.  Best of all, you can heat it in the microwave in five minutes, and serve it in its own package!  This is great stuff.  Use your fondue imagination:  bread cubes, cornichons, ham, salami, veggies, fruit… because you don't have to spend time and energy preparing the fondue, you can focus all your energies on what you're going to dunk!

We're selling each 17.9 ounce microwavable cup for $5.99.  It's in our cheese case.

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