Popcorn Tin

A Tin.  Filled With Popcorn.
We Call It Trader Joe's Popcorn Tin.

Last year we introduced Trader Joe's Popcorn Tin and seemingly overnight, mountains of popcorn appeared in Trader Joe's stores around the country.  It was intriguing.  Just as intriguing was how quickly they disappeared.  Perhaps it was the fanciful, wintry design.  Even more likely?  The four kinds of popcorn within the tin – caramel, white Cheddar, kettle and olive oil – each in its own separate bag.

We know that sometimes, when you buy a big tin of popcorn, the popcorn is lacking in the quality and flavor department.  Not ours.  This popcorn more than lives up to our standards of quality – in other words, it's delicious!  Enjoying the popcorn, though, is just the beginning.

This year, we've redesigned the tin, and it's a terrific companion for it's 2010 predecessor.  It is, once again, designed to serve as much more than a simple storage solution for delicious popcorn.  When the popcorn has been enjoyed, this Tin becomes colorful storage for toys and knickknacks, a wastebasket, or even a drum for an impromptu house concert.

Delicious popcorn in four flavors, a fanciful design and myriad reuse opportunities make our price of $9.99 for each 20 ounce Tin a holiday value you'll enjoy well into the new year.


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