Soy Milk Creamer

Soy Milk CreamerMarch 19, 2012 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

Cream of the Creamer

“How do you take your coffee?” Nowadays, a question with as many answers as there are personalities. And that is due thanks, in part, to the advent of the Non-Dairy Creamer around 1952.

The ‘un-creamer’ category introduced an array of dairy and lactose-free alternatives to the cardinal coffee dressing – cream. But they weren’t all that convincing. Capturing the rich smoothness in a non-dairy proxy became the not-so-easily attained aspiration. We love a good gastronomic challenge; so, we created Trader Joe’s Soy Milk Creamer. We opted for organic soymilk because of its silky similarity to cow’s milk, and also because of its lack of cholesterol and minimal amount of saturated fat. We add a bit of organic cane sugar and organic oil to round out the flavor and texture. Does it deliver? Do cows moo? Its lushness and mixability have brought joy to many a mug. As has the fact that it’s made without any artificial ingredients or preservatives – not to mention our price of $1.49 per pint. If you have a non-dairy disposition, Trader Joe’s Soy Milk Creamer
quenches the perennial coffee question.

Culinary Curiosity: Liquid non-dairy creamers were introduced after the 1980s. Their earlier powder counterparts have also become famous for the roles they’ve played in B movies. No, not as stars, but as a low-budget material used to create Hollywood-style explosions. Really – Kaboom!

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