Artisan Made Baguettes

April 30, 2012 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

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The Baguette may be the world’s most simple bread, but if we’ve learned one thing about bread over the years it’s that simple never, ever has to mean boring. Like a number of our bakery products, Trader Joe’s Baguettes are made by artisan bakers in local bakeries throughout Trader Joe’s country. By sourcing the Baguettes this way, we can ensure the crispiest crust, the most moist interior, and the freshest flavor. And because our Baguettes are hand rolled, no two are shaped exactly alike. If you were into uniformity, we suppose that would be a bad thing. But we’re after craftsmanship. And great-tasting bread, of course.
Uniformity, schmuniformity. 

We like Baguettes sliced and topped with everything from pesto to pears. How do you like yours?  We like them straight from the bag and hot off the grill. Pull off a hunk or heat up a slice, if it suits you. Most importantly, we like ours fresh, and Trader Joe’s Baguettes are delivered fresh seven days a week. True to our derision of uniformity, the size and price will vary depending on which Trader Joe’s you visit. True to our definition of value, though, our Baguettes are always delicious and always very well priced.

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